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WordPress Website, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting & Design | Xinova
Investment Fund to Spinnout into an Innovation Start-up

Investment Fund to Spinnout into an Innovation Start-up

From Consultant to Full Time Marketing Director with Xinova. Our work started just prior to their spinout into the startup that Xinova became. The first initiative was to review and assess the existing website, making recommendations for a complete revamp, including a new platform (WordPress) and design. Shortly after coming onboard for this project and the subsequent launch of a newsite, the spinnout happened and the company that was to be Xinova began! Initially they needed a new brand, website and all the collateral to launch. Eko Creative partnered with external vendors to guide and execute on the new vibrant and creative vision.

Eko Creative became integral to the Marketing team’s website efforts through copywriting, email marketing, content creation, strategy and design efforts. For a period of time, Alyssa (founder of Eko Creative), became part of the Xinova team and eventually their Director of Marketing. Eko Creative and Alyssa were able to:

- Redesign and maintain website as the business evolved
- Redfine and promote the products and services more clearly to customers
- Produce videos and animated explainer videos
- Design and create a wide variety of collateral from pitch decks to sales decks, business cards, branded swag, brochures, and targeted landing pages
- Collaborated with internal teams and external vendors to deploy advertising campaigns, email campaigns, social media content and much more.

While Xinova didn’t survive the pandemic, Xinova Asia did and the website ( remains live, however the SSL Certificate has expired. Google has a holding function because of this, but you can still reach the website for an example of the design and copy by clicking advanced and continuing through.

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